Sunday, July 15, 2007

New Poll Question: What Are You Doing?

Blogger has a new polling option so I'm trying it out.

I'm wondering what others are doing to improve their dancing. The poll question is in the left hand column, toward the bottom.

Check it out and vote, and if you have a question I should be asking, please leave me a comment. If you like the articles in this blog, be sure to subscribe to the free e-mail option as well (just above the poll question). You'll receive the new articles e-mailed to you once per day (they go out around 2 am Pacific Time if I remember).


  1. In your Poll I think you forgot 'take workshops' - we don't take regular classes neither do we take privates (since no matching teacher is around) - we travel and take workshops, though, but not regularly.

  2. Ah... great catch. I just figured out that the polls don't allow you to edit the questions after the first person votes.

    I guess that makes sense, and now I know.

    So, we'll consider the comments area a "write in" vote.


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