Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Favorite Tunes: Part 2 of 367

In a previous article, "SalsaMama" asked me--via one of the comments--to put together a list of songs I like to go along with my "Listening to Music: 100 Times or More" article. (Click here for My Favorite Tunes: Part 1.)

In the background I'm working on my musicality series, and in that process I'm deciding which tunes are going to become examples, as we explore different aspects of the music.

In addition to the "Salsa Never Ends" tune referenced in the previous article, we'll be exploring the Marc Anthony tune called "ValiĆ³ la Pena". You'll probably recognize the tune and you can hear a low fidelity preview here and/or find places to download the tune.

I highly recommend you purchase a copy and start listening to the tune over and over. The rhythm section has tremendous energy, the horns are powerful and he sings with great emotion. This is a great example of quality music. View the YouTube of the tune below.

Listening via YouTube is a good start, assuming you have quality speakers on your computer, but you should also purchase a copy and put it on your mp3 player or a CD, listening over and over in your car, working out or simply when your best friend wants a serious discussion with you. If they won't shut up, simply use your earbuds and you can lip-read their comments. That will be highly entertaining for you even if they don't have a sense of humor.

Most of you have already heard it in the clubs. Especially take note as the tune gets very quiet toward the end of the tune. The time is still running, and if you count out loud you'll know exactly when he will shout "one, two, three, four" to restart the complete band and burn down the house at the end. (More details on that section during the musicality series.)

Marc Anthony: Valio La Pena

Without counting, the time is very clear if you really listen to the piano and percussionists playing (very minimalist) in the background. That section can be extremely difficult to hear in the clubs, so be sure to listen on a decent sound system. Musicians often refer to this concept as a "false ending," where they imply the tune has ended, but it's simply an artistic statement and the tune continues, surprising most people.

Again, we'll discuss the details later. Check it out and listen closely now to prepare for that series. Let me know what you think of the tune.

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  1. I'm not sure, but as far as I remember there are different versions of Valio la Pena by Marc Anthony, slow ones, fast ones?

  2. I added a copy of the CD cover but
    I'm not sure how many versions there are (maybe someone can help us).

    It's linked on the "low fidelity preview here" link in the article and they list 4 places you can purchase the tune I'm thinking of. Please let me know if the version I'm referencing is unclear.

  3. There's a nice video of this on Youtube with some dancing in it. Hope it's okay to post the link:

  4. GREAT! I forgot about that video so great catch! (I viewed it over a year ago.)

    I added that link to the main article since some people don't read the comments.

    I appreciate you sending that link to me!

  5. Something funny to note: You can tell the people who don't really listen to the music because when it gets quiet near the end more than half the people walk off the dance floor. Which is great for me ; loads of space for a big finale! Azzey.

  6. I agree although at some clubs it can be hard to hear the quiet part, especially because so many people think it's over and start talking. The tune has been around long enough most people should know by now.


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