Sunday, January 6, 2008

Palm Springs Musicality Links

In my New Years Palms Springs musicality class I used a set of tunes, including one from an article I wrote last year. So many people have sent me mail asking about the links I decided to add it below.

If you are new to my blogs, or you attended my class, you'll certainly want to check out this article from last year titled "My Favorite Tunes..." Download the "Salsa Never Ends" tune and check it out yourself. The intro is worth listening to over and over, and it's simply great music.

In a comment someone mentioned finding the clave and the article titled "Clave: More Than Most People Want to Know" provides some perspective on that topic. Once you know about the clave, the "Salsa Never Ends" tune referenced in the first article showcases the clave as the first instrument of the tune.

As always, questions and comments are welcomed.

I'll be posting more about the festival tomorrow.
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