Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Favorite Songs: Feb 20, 2008

I've just started getting some more great tunes in the blog and here's another song that I really like when I want something up-tempo. It was originally made famous by Hector Lavoe in the 1970's.

Marc Anthony has remade it for the recent Hector Lavoe movie named "El Cantante".

Partly because of the movie, it's recently become popular again, and is in danger of over exposure by some DJ's. But it's still feels great and the original still stands up decades after the first recording. (That is the mark of great music, it's still enjoyable and fresh after ten years or more.)

Most regular salsa dancers will have heard this tune many, many times and I suspect we'll still hear it ten or twenty years from now.

Here's a short modern version of the song and it's a percussionists dream tune.

Marc Anthony: Aguanile El Cantante (short version)

The original: Hector Lavoe

Finally, a live version of Marc Anthony doing the same tune. The sound quality is just OK, but it's still great to hear the energy from the live band. Marc Anthony does an excellent job making the most of this tune.

Marc Anthony: Aguanile Live

More tunes on the way... Let me know your favorites as well.
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  1. *smile* some days ago I placed on our blog the same song "El Cantante" with Marc Anthony and one with Hector Lavoe. ( I love the CD from Marc Anthony with the songs of Hector.
    "Aquanile" and "Mi Gente" are also faszinating songs. In Germany we have now the chance to get the dvd form El Cantante, the movie wasn't shown in cinema.

    Another CD from Marc Anthony "Valio La Pena" is another favorite I have.

    Great idea to share the favorite songs!

  2. Birgit,

    I totally agree on the Marc Anthony CD/tune. I mention this in a very early favorite tunes article:

    Some of my Favorite Tunes" from last year.

    There are a huge set of them, and now I'm in the process of getting them on-line.

    Please let me know any others you enjoy as well!

  3. I begin to collect some of my favorites:

    DLG La Quiero a morir
    DLG - Juliana

    Gilberto Santa Rosa - Perdoname (bad quality but I found no better one ... )

  4. Excellent well written blog of yours! Wrote a similar post about Hector Lavoe, and a few others as well. (BTW spelling error! You wrote "El Cantente")

  5. Thanks for the kind words and I fixed the typo. Seems I had it right in one place and wrong in another.

    I appreciate the feedback!

  6. Yep, I noticed, sorry.. "typo" is the appropriate term

  7. I don't care if it was a "typo" or a "typing error", I'm happy you noticed it and told me!

    Without a spell checker I'm hopelessly lost, and as a rule I have an editor that reviews my writing before it goes live (sometimes after I post it...)

    I'd rather you point an error, typo, typing error, logic error, poor choice of words, confusing sentences, etc.

    It goes along with my theory that as your dancing becomes above average, you get less quality feedback from dancing partners.

    In my case, I'd much rather have you point it out, then leave it for the next thousand people who read the blog to see it and wonder why I can't spell.

    Again, I appreciate you pointing it out and I welcome all feedback, even if it's simply pointing out something that could be fine-tuned or fixed.

  8. Here is another Song, that our beginner love, because of the clear beat
    Crystal Sierra - Playa no more

    What do you think about this?


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