Thursday, July 10, 2008

Salsa Mambo Festival - Palm Springs - July 24, 08

We are now two weeks away from the best summer salsa event in Palm Springs, California. There is also a New Years event each year and they both have become favorite events for a huge set of people. (Disclosure: I've been teaching at these events for around 3 years now, and I'm teaching musicality and some other classes as well.)

You can get all the details at (discount ends July 15th, so check it out now).

If you haven't checked it out yet, this is the time to act. There is nothing like having a few days totally focused on dancing. Workshops and pool parties in the day, dancing until 3 am each night.

Get up, eat, dance workshops, nap, salsa by the pool, nap, eat, dance, nap, dance and repeat the next day.

It' s interesting because if you're a beginner, you can dance with people from around the world, some who are also just starting, but many who have years of experience. The snobs tend to avoid this event, because the promoters work so hard to make it fun for everybody. I've seen Edie the Salsa Freak dancing with total beginners, and having a great time.

The instructors and performers are required to dance with anybody who asks. This means YOU can decide which stars you want to dance with, and they won't turn you down.

Beginners make huge improvements with the workshops, and the experienced people get to really refine their game, with a large set of seasoned pros. While I love the learning aspects, I'm addicted to seeing all the great people I've meet over the years. Some have improved, some haven't, but we always have a great time, because it's about the people. They always improve over the weekend, so it's a great time to tune-up your dancing as well.

When you sign-up, use "Baarns" as the referral code, (yes, a shameless plug), and be sure to say hello to me. I can't wait to dance with all my friends I only see twice a year and meet a new set of friends as well!

I'm still sporting my timeless gray hair, so I'm hard to miss. Be sure to say hello and tell me your thoughts on this blog. I'll be there all four days having a blast and I hope you're there too.


  1. Maybe you'll get someone to film a bit of your teaching this year, would be fun, uhm, I meant nice to see a bit of your work ;)

    Since flying oversea for a dance weekend is a bit beyond us, we won't come.
    Instead we booked private hours with Edie in Hamburg, that should be exiting too!

  2. This will be my 2nd Congress, and I'm really looking forward to it. I'll say 'hi' if I recognize you (which shouldn't be too hard).


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