Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Music and Listening Classes at Salsa Mambo Festival

Warning: Plug Alert!

If you're attending the New Years Salsa Mambo Festival in Palm Springs, please join me for my music classes on Thurday (11 am) and Saturday (see schedule at event). We'll have a great time exploring how the music works and relating it to your dancing. Everybody is welcome.

I'm also teaching with Edie the Salsa Freak in most of her classes.

If you're one of my closest 3,000 friends from Facebook or MySpace, please say hello. Occasionally I can't relate the little three inch photos with a live person all glammed up, so introduce yourself and remind me of our connection.

Don't be shy! Ask me to dance, say hello in the halls, take me to lunch, join me in the workshops (mine and others), ask me questions, buy me expensive gifts (hint: I love dark chocolate), and practice your "hello" with me (see previous articles). Gift cards and cash welcomed but not required. Sometimes I can be bought, but I'm not cheap.

I'm easy to spot because I'm bringing my gray hair with me...

See you at the event!

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  1. Hi Don,

    I´m from Brazil and i have difficulty at listening and understanding the salsa rhythm. So, i´d like to know if you have any recorded material (dvd, for example) teaching how to listen and understande de salsa rhythim.


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