Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Best of Unlikely Salsero: Part 1

I talk with a lot of people, and get a regular stream of e-mails from readers. I'm forever humbled and thankful so many people send me article ideas and/or discuss their take on my thoughts.

I still get a ton of questions and suggestions and realize "Hey, I wrote an article on that last year..." Of course, they've never read THAT article, and I hate to keep saying "Yea... I wrote an article on that about 15 months ago." That annoys the heck out of my friends, so I avoid that most of the time.

My Mom can't understand why you don't simply go back to the "Articles By Month" heading on the left side, and read EVERY article since I started. She thinks it's a perfect solution; I'm thinking maybe that's not practical for every single reader (but maybe you're up for it).

I'm not surprised one or two people haven't read every word, since I'm closing in on 150 articles to date. I have over 30 in draft/outline form in the background. At least half of my current audience wasn't around when I started this blog a couple years ago, so they have a good excuse.

As the articles grow, it's harder for people to find things from the past. (BTW - I'm always looking to provide more access to the previous articles, so use the comments link below to let me know if you have ideas.)

Every few weeks I'll highlight a few articles which I like and/or have been popular in the past. My theory is starting with two or three articles makes the most sense. Click on the titles below to go directly to the articles.

The Best of Unlikely Salsero: Part 1

Unaware Club for Men
Some of us guys are simply clueless, and the psychologists are now telling us things that are obvious if you've danced a while (or are female).

Darned Adults: Music Too Loud
As a rule, I always wear ear plugs while dancing, and they are always with me while taking dance classes (I use them when appropriate.) People often ask me about mine, since they are custom fit and not real obvious. This article (and the companion) tell you everything you should know about protecting your hearing.

Practice Space And Spousal Upgrades
With a little creative thinking, anybody can have a practice space right in their home, condo or apartment. You probably have more options than you've been considering.

Again, I look forward to hearing your feedback via the comments link below. Feel free to send me private mail if appropriate. (DonBaarns AT
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  1. It's a good way, if you have the time, to go through a decent blog chronologically, but oftentimes, it's too intensive timewise unless you just have a tab that you leave on your web browser at the article you're at for a given blog you're following.

    Maybe making a post, that hyperlinks via tags, using a sort of flowchart way might help? Or is that just twisted logic?

    Rough example with no links:

    - Classes, Clubs, Congress, events

    Music - count(ing), ear training, faves, finding 1, hearing, listening, musicality, timing

    Learning dance - 66 articles! (They're probably multitagged)
    Dance styles: Salsa, Jazz, LA, NY, other styles etc.

    -Specific skills, Salsera, Salsero, Social, Teaching, Perspective, practisem, Awareness

  2. Like most blogs, yours is missing a table of content. Or an index. Or just a stupid page with titles and links to all articles in your blog.

    I never understood why nearly no famous blog software includes a simple listing of article. Two lists would be even better, one sorted by date, one by title.

    Going through month by month is tedious and error prone, really.

  3. Sam,

    Yea, I do have the "Articles By Label" section, but that still doesn't help enough, because I can't figure out a good way to label all of them.

    And the "Month by Month" method does get old real soon.

    I appreciate the comments!

  4. Sam,

    BTW - I doubt they expected a blog to be used the way I use it. Blogs started as an on-line diary, so I'm guessing originally they thought date made the most sense.

    It's not really the ultimate place for organizing this type of material, but it's so easy to use people like me take advantage of it.

    Now I just have to figure out how to make it more useful for others.

  5. Don, I know, if a blog starts anew, everybody expects people to just follow it.

    But what if you discover a blog thats been running for years, and you want to get an overview about the old posts?

    Navigating by month, especially if every month only contains a few posts, is tedious. For my own blog I created a simple list of posts - still not perfect, but way easier to get an impression here:

  6. Sam,

    Yea, I've been thinking about doing the same or something similar. There has to be a way to make it easier for readers. I hate the thought of updating it manually as I add articles, but I may need to do it anyway...


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