Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Best of Unlikely Salsero: Part 2

I originally was calling this series, "My Favorite Articles" but I'm changing the name to "The Best Of Unlikely Salsero".

Here are a few more blasts from the past that others enjoyed. No matter what I call this series, these are brilliant, amazing, mesmerizing and occasionally entertaining articles. (OK... maybe not, but I hope you enjoy them anyway...)

I have two new articles that I hope to have live this weekend. Behind the scenes I'm happy with the outlines and most of the details, but they need just a little more seasoning before they'll see the light of day.

Your feedback is always welcomed, and if you have an older article you really like, please let me know so I can include it in a future "The Best Of" series.

The Best Of Unlikely Salsero: Part 2

The Power of Greetings
The more people who recognize you, the more fun you'll have in the clubs. Say hi to everybody, all the time, and you'll be amazed by the results. This works at clubs, and it works at events too... (You can even try it with your family.)

Three Types of Practice Required
To maximize your dance growth requires different types of practice. Master all three and you'll accelerate your learning.

Listening to Music: 100 Times or More
This was written almost 2 years ago, and with more experience across a wide range of students, I still find it's a major win for understanding music. Not everyone agreed with me when I wrote it, but I've seen the results with enough students to highly recommend you try it yourself.

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  1. Personal, partner and club = i'd agree they were 3 big areas of practice.
    Good to see some old articles that some might have missed,giving them some limelight so people get a chance to get read again easily!

    As a side thought - Are you on twitter Don?

  2. So far I'm not on Twitter. I always had a fear that only my Mom and maybe my dog would find my tweats interesting. (I've only read about it... never used it...)

    I'm on Facebook daily, MySpace once or twice a week. Toward the bottom left is a link to both my FB and MySpace pages.

    Oh, and yes I'm older, but "I txt 2". (Sometimes my younger dancer friends are amazed I'm on FB, let alone know how to txt.)

    Let me know if you think I'm missing the boat.

  3. Maybe not yet, but then you might be the right person to fill a salsa boat!
    As long as the users haven't made their posts private - then you can browse people's twitter feeds easily from your web browser,
    I saw some great links to articles / video's i haven't seen previously. A blog can provide a better signal to noise ratio,but can't update so fast.

    It seems that maybe there are a few dancers out there, but they're maybe quite loosely connected.


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