Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Trying Twitter

OK... I'm not sure if I'm moving toward enlightenment or the dark side, but I've established my Twitter account. My Twitter address is: ""

Follow me if it makes sense and watch me make all the rookie mistakes. My user name is "UnlikelySalsero" and I'll report back if I think it's a positive or not over the next couple months.

I also have an draft article on social networks and social dancing. I think they work very well together. More details when the article is ready for prime time.
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  1. Once you've worked out what you want to use the handle for (some use their handle for all sorts of things, some use a specific account for a specific purpose/topic), I'd recommend looking / finding folk on twitter who you'd enjoy following, then if they are good, have a look at their follower list - as you're more likely to find a higher concetrention of folk who are tweeting about similar subjects (e.g. dance).
    E.g. DougFox, RitmoBello, addicted2salsa

    Guess it depends what you want to use it for - E.g. (microblogging) being able to blog quickly more often, rather than longer blog posts less often.

    There was a push on to tag yourself with what areas you were interested in - there are some folk on there related to dance and many other topics - like a Google search, you just need the right starting key words.

  2. Mr. Baarns, I don't mean to rush you. What happened to the articles you promised about social networking and social dancing. It's been over a month.


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