Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Killer Documentary: Flamenco Dancing

It's interesting watching these young ballet dancers grow into Flamenco dancers. The clapping exercises, the timing, and the process they go through are amazing. Few of us could be that good without their background, but it's still worth checking out even if you're a casual dancer.

It's very inspirational. They start so "simple" and build!

The passion from the instructors is obvious. They clearly know the history and story behind the music and movements. They combine amazing technique with an understanding of the feel, providing depth behind the movements.

You have to love the "circle" concept (around 26 minutes), where individuals take a turn dancing solo while everybody else provides the rhythm foundation and support. Hip-hop dancers do this all the time, but obviously it's been around a few centuries before they were born. (As they say, little is truly new. Most great artists build on the shoulders of the giants before them...)

Obviously this passion is way beyond what most of us will do social dancing. When you see the results from lots of hard work it may inspire you to work a little harder so you can join the fun too.

Great dance has it's moments of intense work. When it all comes together in the end it's a beautiful, inspiring, sensual experience.It's hard not to smile and feel good watching them perform.

Special thinks to Valentine Doran for turning me on to this clip.

Let me know what you think!

More details:
Flamenco Dancing Documentary page
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  1. t0mat0 on twitterJan 25, 2010, 5:18:00 AM

    Great 1980's Oscar winning film - As you said - there is something definitely to be said by the rawness of the music, beat, pulse that they create too

  2. That was a very gripping documentary and the way the dancers drew you in was quite something. Please post this on SF!

  3. Great documentary! It's just great to see Flamenco being danced and for some reason it always remind me of Cuban Rumba: one cannot discern anymore if the dancers are following the music or if it's the music following them.


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