Saturday, March 6, 2010

Modern Dancing - Amazing and Humbling (Part 1)

Isn't it wild how music and dance (and most arts & sciences) continue to evolve?

The arts rarely stay the same, and there is always someone pushing the envelop, looking to take things to a different level. Sometimes I like the new level, sometimes I don't, but what I like doesn't matter much since the arts will evolve with or without me.

When "Rock and Roll" started in the 1950's and '60's last century, parents were outraged and thought it was a fad. Clearly they were wrong as it took over the younger generation and continued to grow and change popular music forever.

When hip-hop was heating up in the '70s and 80s last century, most of the existing dance world thought it would last a few years and burn out. Obviously, it's more vibrant today than when it started, and it influences our current partner dancing. I regularly see social dancers integrating moves from hip-hop, jazz, tango, hustle, west coast swing and many other dances. Check these guys out.

The clip showcases some very modern dancing, and some will love it and some won't. It's extremely athletic and way beyond social dancing. It's breath-taking, amazing and inspiring. Anybody who is a decent dancer will appreciate the level of dedication required to get to this level.

They make everything look so easy, but that's often the mark of dancing excellence. If you've tried any moves similar to the ones in the clip, you'll know what I mean. The complexity is 'off the chart' difficult, requiring untold hours of practice and refinement.

Enjoy it and let me know your thoughts!

Special thanks to Tom Tubbs (AKA "t0mat0" on Twitter). We follow each other on Twitter and he posts excellent dance videos. I steal some of his best and pretend I found them myself! I love the fact that people send me cool stuff. I hope you do the same! 
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  1. Awesome! Very inspiring stuff.

  2. Love it! The control and precision is remarkable.


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