Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Couple Fun Tunes

Over a year ago I posted an article that included the song "Yo No Se Manana". (Article link at the bottom.) While a wildly popular song, there will always be some people who don't any song I post. I don't speak Spanish well, so the lyric details were not the first thing that attracted me to the song. I love the music, the way the song starts very chill and builds, and the emotional feel of the tune (among other things). Check out the comments and you'll see some agree with me, a few don't like it or don't love the message. (One size rarely fits all musical tastes.)

The song has become so popular it has been overplayed for many people. (I listen to tunes so many times it's hard to "overplay" something great for me.)

Recently, a couple people have commented they're not a big fan of the song and sent me some of their favorites. I thought I'd share one of their titles and one of my own that is similar.

You'll notice these songs are a totally different feel from the article last year. What some don't understand is I love a extreme range of music. While shuffling my master collection on my iPod, you'll end up with musical whiplash, moving from Coltraine, Miles, Bill Evens (jazz/be-bop), to modern and old school Latin/Cubin (Fania, Los Van Van, Marc Anthony), African, hip-hop, modern/smooth jazz, R&B, pop, with a few country and heavy metal tunes that shock many of my friends. I'm totally inconsistent within myself across genres, but I enjoy almost anything that is well done and/or has a great groove (percussion feel).

Sometimes I don't love everything about a song the first time, but as long as there's something interesting (drums, horns, vocals, story, feel, etc), I can get hooked and find some other interesting aspects later. Some of my all time favorites were "just OK" the first few times I heard them.

Most of you know my rule that if you haven't heard a song 100 times, you really haven't heard it at all. (See "Related Articles" link below.) Enjoy these couple tunes, but know there is a huge world of great music waiting for you to explore.

Notice that Abreme La Puerta (first clip) breaks one of my standard "musicality" rules I discuss in classes. As a rule dance tunes do NOT change tempo or pulse once time is running. This one is the exception to that rule. At around 1:20 this song seems to break down (change tempo) and within around 10 seconds is back up to the original tempo and that continues the rest of the song. VERY unusual, very interesting. Musicians love to do something non-standard (because they can!) This would trip up most dancers who would be totally off the time and wonder what happened (assuming they are on-time before this break.)

I love this band (Los Van Van). They have so many great songs, and this live cut is excellent! Check them out and you'll find many others too.

Again, send me your favorites, and I'll post some of them and add a few more of mine. Your feedback is always welcomed!


  1. My favorite right now is La Pantera Mambo.

    Here's the link -

    A fun link here is Edie the Salsa Freak doing a musicality demo with it.

  2. Hi Don,

    Nice post again, as always, I already commented on the "effect with changing tempo" which is different from changing the feel, while maintaining tempo.
    It does not really trip me up, I usually notice and adjust accordingly.

    What DOES trip me up sometimes is changing the beat. I dance on one mainly, and after a break in the music (and sometimes not even an a break worth "hitting" in dancing), I find myself on two. If I know the music, I know if it's wise to switch also, or to stay where I am because the musixc will switch back. Does this concept come back in your musicality classes? Do you have an advice other then: "see what feels good"?

    thx again,



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