Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Earplugs (Part 3): What Did You Say?

"Can you hear me now?"

That's the question your lover will ask you in a few years, and it won't apply to cell phones. It's for all the dancers who don't realize the loud music is slowly degrading their hearing over time. In other words: YOU and ME!!

In response to some questions on Facebook, I reposted the articles below and have had a flood of questions about earplugs. I found a couple good sites for buying earplugs and wanted to share (see links below.)

I use and recommend the Etymotic Research custom plugs, but there are many other quality plugs out there and they start under $15 after adding shipping/handling charges (a few bucks more at most music stores, but usually under $20.) It's worth 100 times more to have your hearing a few years from now!!!!

Check out the links below and let me know your experiences with the different brands. At the bottom of this article are the links to the original articles, and I recommend you check them out for details on my earplug journey.

Links to Purchase Non-Custom Earplugs (under $20):
Etymotic Research (Most popular plugs)
Ear Plug Store (Many different brands, interesting reading at top)

Original Articles with all the Gory Details:
Darned Adults: Music Too Loud 
Practicing Safe Salsa - Ear Protection

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