Friday, May 4, 2012

Start NOW! Perfection Someday

What are you waiting for? Someday you'll learn to dance, take that class, lose those 5 extra pounds you've gained over the last 5 years. Someday I'll put out some musicality videos or learn Spanish. (I'm one for two!)

After threatening to do video for a couple years, it's finally started.

Funny thing! Just like dancing, sometimes getting something started is half the battle. By moving forward and doing something-even though it's far from the quality I wanted-it's pushed me to do something I've been intending for a long time. You'll see the incremental improvements, and now it's time to share the results with you.

I hope you also start something you've been putting off, waiting for the "better time" to make it happen. "Just Do It" does work across a range of situations.

Like many others, I had dreams of perfect videos; polished, high production masterpieces. I didn't want something out there I wasn't proud of. (Oh boy, get over myself...) I've been teaching "Music For Dancers" classes for almost 6 years now, and done countless private lessons. I've figure out how little people hear in the music AND developed some battle-tested methods for teaching others to hear dramatically more in the music.

"Someday I should start a video series, that would be more effective than writing about my journey and help more people." (I've said something like that for a few years.)

A few weeks ago I got disgusted with myself and decided to just use what I had, do something, and refine from there. "Quit waiting until things are perfect" I told myself. Moving forward is better than "someday this, someday that..."

My first clip (below) was done using free "Movie Maker" software for Windows. Sure the audio is "just OK" (read: "I'm not happy."). I see 47 things I could improve. But it's a step forward!! 100 times better than nothing.

The third clip (below) is getting close to quality I want, but it was 25 extra technical hours between those videos to get things to that stage.

By starting with what I had (just like dancing) and then incrementally refining, I'm on the way. Someday people may think I'm a video master if I continue to improve. You'll know I used the same approach that applies to dancing (or other activities).

Here's the simple formula I'm recommending:
  1. Start where you're at, don't worry about being perfect (or even good)
  2. Refine over time, learning more and tuning along the way
  3. Repeat step 2 above, until you get where you want to go
Here's how it's working out for my video journey. I hope you enjoy the progress!

The Rough Start: Moving Forward is a Win

For the second clip I upgraded my editing software (still using the trial version... I will for another couple weeks, then purchase if it continues to work as needed.) I think it's an upgrade, but still room for lots of refinement. It had a learning curve, and some tech things took hours the first time, even though they are "easy" now that I know the secrets.

Rather than embedding the clip, here's the YouTube link (otherwise the blog page loads slower)

Part 2 - Music Has Structure (Important Musicality Concept):

I finally got the audio I wanted in the third video (below). The sound/music tracks are recorded on an external recorder (PC), and synced with the visual in the editing software. A much more complex process, but works great. Also figured out how to play music while talking over it. I still see another 15 refinements, but we are getting closer to the production quality I wanted.

Part 3: - Probably Four (another foundational music concept)

If you are waiting for your perfect time on something you want to pursue, take some baby steps today!. It's not perfect, but as long as you find a way to make some progress, then it's all good. Start NOW!!!

Update: Jan 2013: There are now over 20 videos on the channel and growing. Subscribe to the channel to receive updates.

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  1. Great job, Don! Subscribed to your YouTube channel.


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