Monday, July 9, 2012

Music For Dancers: Part 10 Released

It's been pretty interesting. The "Music For Dancers" video series started a couple months ago, and now 10 videos have been created and uploaded to YouTube. As of this writing they are closing in on 3000 views across the series. I've had an amazing amount of private communications on the series, and now I'm starting to spread the word (you can help!)

(The channel address is: "" and yes, you should subscribe! ;)

The latest starts the subject of "Implied Pulse," and it's a deep subject that will change the way you hear the music. I recommend you check out the "Explicit Pulse" (Part 9) before watching Part 10 as they build on each other.

It's just a drop in the bucket, but we're laying the foundation for exploring the music in greater depth over time.

In private lessons I'm constantly confronted with the fact that a strong dancer is missing so much of the music. (Not their fault; if someone doesn't hear something they can't know what they are missing.) This series is a start to fill in the gaps.

This "Implied Pulse" concept means the dancers can feel the underlying pulse in the music, even if the drummer/rhythm section is not making the time obvious (or they are not there at all.) All the musicians hear the pulse, and dancers with enough experience will too.

In many songs some dancers think the song is out of time or slower during parts, when really the music has a consistent underlying pulse. You can hear it, feel it and dance to it with enough experience.

In the video, I use three example songs. I highly recommend you purchase your own copies of the songs for your driving, exercising, and getting out of the shower listening. Hearing them over and over is key to really hearing the concepts come to life for you.

If you have higher quality speakers on your computer, here are links to the example songs on YouTube. If you're listening on your computer, plugging in ear buds can help (if you have good ones) compared to most computer or smartphone speakers. Hearing the details in the music is a big help, and lots of interesting things are found in the background layers of the music.

Feel free to share the videos on FB (or other) to your dance friends. You probably know a few who could use a stronger connection to the music.

More in the pipeline. (Subscribe to the channel to get updates as they are published.)

I look forward to your feedback.

Example Songs From the Video (in the order they appear):
"The Rest of My Life" by Brian McNight from the "Ten" CD
"Heard It Through The Grapevine" remake by Michael McDonald from "Full Moon" CD. (Note: I can't find the studio version on YouTube. If you find it please tell me and I'll update. This one is close enough.)
"Heard It Through the Grapevine" Gladys Knight and the Pips from "Motown Remixed" CD (The Randy Watson Experience.)

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