Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another Asymmetrical Inner Pulse

In the "Music For Dancers" (M4D) video series, we've been discussing "Pulse" and the rhythmic foundations for the music. Part 12 includes a quick discussion of an "asymmetrical inner pulse" which also applies to Afro-Cuban/Latin music (clave) and so much more.

 The example song (Borges y Paraguay by Bajofondo) in the M4D video starts with the asymmetrical inner pulse over the primary pulse, but it changes to a different inner pulse as the song progresses.

That is unusual! Most songs stick with one inner pulse the whole tune, although musicians love breaking rules so one size never fits all. It makes the feel changes at logic phrase points, but rarely does one song have so many feels over the primary pulse. The link above will take you a YouTube of the song. (A great song to hear 100 times and notice the wide range of feels.)

The song below features a similar "3-3-2 asymmetrical inner pulse" but it keeps this inner pulse the complete song. It's a fascinating idea, and one that you'll find across a range of music. While the example is tango, the concept spans quite a few musical styles, and is foundational in Afro-Cuban/Latin music. (We'll discuss those in future M4D videos.)

Let me you your thoughts.

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