Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Copyright is really messed up around the world.

Posted part 14 of "Music4Dancers" (see clip below) and it gets flagged by the automated system for "Car Wash", a song over 30 years old, one not likely to be on someone's radar screen these days. By using it as an example, I encouraged viewers to purchase a copy so they can listen 100 times as they study the music.

Copyright law has a "Fair Use" exception where educators are allowed to use parts of copyrighted materials and so far it's worked well as this series uses music to show musical principles as it relates to dancers.

After posting this clip it's hit with a "Your video blocked in some countries..." message in the channel manager (a page you see when you upload videos for your own channel.) There is a "Dispute" link and after taking it I use my standard "this is educational in nature, ... full credit is provided..." etc.

This worked every other time, but Universal Music Group (UMG) in Germany denied the claim in less than 24 hours. (I've read some labels just reject ALL claims without reading. They are just not very smart.)

That's not so bad, but if you are banned in any single country around the world, you are also locked out of all mobile viewing!

At some point I'll probably recut the video and use a different song. A few hours of work, but another song will get the promotion rather than this one. It's a great example, but there are a hundred others I could have used. You have to wonder why some execs see this as a win.

As of this writing, only available via desktop worldwide except Germany. Go figure.

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