Friday, February 1, 2013

"Musicality Defined" Project

I have a dream too...

To have a working definition of the word "Musicality" that fits 95% of the dancing world and most importantly, gives dancers on the musicality trail a path to shorten that journey.

I'm hoping YOU join me on a mission to create the working definition.

I'm calling it the:

"Musicality Defined" Project

Wimps stay home.

Those with thin skins need not apply. All great projects need epic titles and a code name.. I couldn't think of an epic title, so I'll just pretend "Musicality Defined" works for now, and we can use "MDP" to mask some insanity.  Just tell your friends you were drafted for the "MDP" and they will understand why you aren't dancing and you're spending hours staring out the windows thinking about alternate definitions.

Some dancers/instructors say, "You can't define Musicality." I respectfully disagree.

The real issue is you can't define the limits of creativity, and there are many moving parts in musicality. Most definitions end up being almost useless, politically correct double-speak:
"Using our bodies as visual landscapes displaying a window into our musical soul."
Hmmm... Maybe that's what I think I'm doing when I dance, but I'm not sure everybody else is mature enough to handle my truth, so I'll just keep growing and practicing.

One big factor is the concept is complex. I have given up on the idea what we will will find one short sentence to define the term. Most words in the dictionary (or Wikipedia for my age challenged friends) have multiple definitions.

This project is running in parallel on Facebook so we can involve as many people as possible, but here's the page where I'm going to include the latest work in progress ("WIP"). I originally was going to use FB, but you can't do any formatting and I think that helps.

Click here for latest definitions and works in progress:
Musicality Defined


Your input welcomed here or on Facebook:

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  1. musicality in dancing is about the ability to perceive things such as differences in things including but not limited to: voicing, timbre, rhythm/syncopation, dynamics, attack and decay of individual notes (lyricism), level of energy, emotional content, etc. and have them correlate to choices of movement, figure and styling in a way that people watching (including their partners) can appreciate as being aesthetically pleasing.

    that'll be $10 please.


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