Musicality Enhanced Project

Most of you know this: I’ve never charged anything for my videos & blog articles. Now I'm asking for your assistance because the hard costs continue to grow.

I want to create videos faster for you and do some live video webinars too.

Accelerating the process requires an updated editing computer. Video editing/creation takes some real computing horsepower, and it’s time to purchase the next generation of my editing software too (around $1,500 between the hardware/software.)

If you're getting value from the videos, blog or this page, feel free to donate to my "musicality enhanced project". $10 or a few hundred are very helpful, whatever value you think it's been for you. I need your support.

Of course, donations are always optional. Anybody contributing $200 or more gets a private lesson via Google Hangouts.

I have an "over the wires" musicality course that will go live in the next month or so, which is basically high tech remote group and private lessons too. Anybody who contributes will be able to apply that donation toward the courses when they are available.

Your assistance welcomed, we have a big world to save.

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